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Manage your entire property portfolio from a single platform. Sign up tenants quickly and with zero administrative hassle, including credit checks and customised electronic lease management.

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Our software manages the entire HR lifecycle for you simply and intuitively, from recruitment to application, onboarding and analytics- completely automating Human Resources processes.

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Allocate and track incoming fines and access advanced reporting and analytics to monitor your fleet.

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Confidently sign and authenticate documents electronically, reducing risk and benefitting from our user- friendly, trusted e-signature solution.

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e-Prescription solution routing certified RX between doctor, patient and pharmacy.

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Simplify and optimise payment processes with our smart account payable solution, allowing you to settle vendor invoices effortlessly.

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Maximising your ROI through our software solutions.

We bring over two decades of experience in fostering business success.

The PaperTrail team has become a trusted partner in digital optimisation for countless businesses worldwide. For 25 years we’ve measured our success by the satisfaction of our customers.

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Our digital process with PaperTrail has drastically improved our day to day. We are more efficient and compliant with legal processes. Support is always there to help when we need. We value Papertrail as our digital partner.

Pharmhub – Galilee

Embracing technology and change was daunting to most staff in the early days, but once they realised the benefits, the wheels started turning. The PaperTrail team is a valued partner in our digital journey. We are grateful that our electronic application, lease and workflow systems were developed prior to Covid, as business continued as normal during lockdown. PaperTrail made a significant difference in our business – the benefits include cost effectiveness, reduction in errors, a remote work environment and digitised data storage. PaperTrail values their customers and their team is always available to provide support and advice. I highly recommend PaperTrail as a trustworthy service provider!

Leasehub – IHS
Stephanie Botha
Managing Director

Thank you to papertrail for the amazing work. We have sped up our old processes 10 times.

Signhub – Apple

Papertrails HR has boosted our human resources giving great analytics and allowing us to make educated decisions while allowing us to recruit and onboard quickly and efficiently.”

Peoplehub - MR Price

Automate Business Processes


Software for managing documents that is customized for your company.

Spend more time on your business and less time on paperwork management. Business Automation Software.

Easily automate your critical processes!


The keys to success in today’s fast-paced business environment are precision, efficiency, and innovation. Our expertise at PaperTrail Digital is in business automation software, enabling companies to optimize workflows and achieve previously unheard-of productivity levels.


Business Automation’s Power


Our state-of-the-art business automation software is made to adapt to the changing demands of contemporary companies. Our scalable and adaptable solutions support various industries, from startups to large corporations, and guarantee a smooth transition to automated procedures.


Save time with quick and easy access to all of your data


Seamless Integration and Versatility

Worried about integration?

Our software offers a hassle-free implementation process by integrating seamlessly with current systems. Because of PaperTrail Digital’s solutions’ adaptability, you can automate a range of tasks, from workflow optimisation to document management, giving you the flexibility you need to meet your specific business needs.

Losing data because of poor filing?

Your solution is business automation. You require a system that keeps each document in its proper place. PaperTrail is a robust electronic document management system that helps to support and organise your critical business processes. Business Automation Software increases efficiency and speeds up your company.

Powerful Enterprise Content Management

  • Spend less time in paper management and more in process management.
  • Increase efficiency and compliance by automating business operations.
  • Customisable workflows and powerful form capability.
  • Set aside incoming correspondence to begin business procedures.
  • Collect critical data for customised reports and intelligent searching
  • Easily manage permission structures allowing limited access to sensitive information
  • Electronically sign and send documents
  • Signature compliance
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Customised third party system integration

Our expert team is always available to offer assistance and guidance. We are dedicated to ensuring that you realise the full potential of our automation solutions, maximising the benefits for your company. Our top priority is security. You can rest assured that your sensitive data is secure, allowing you to focus on core business activities without jeopardising confidentiality.

Are you ready to transform your workflow?

Examine your options with PaperTrail Digital’s Business Automation Software. Take the first step towards increased productivity, productivity, and success. With PaperTrail Digital, you can embrace the future of business automation, where innovation meets simplicity.