LeaseHub - Streamline Leasing and Rental Processes

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with intelligent software, providing all the functionality needed to automate, simplify and improve your leasing and rental processes. Ideal for property management companies and multiple property owners.

Why LeaseHub?

The ultimate property management tool for efficient lease administration is finally here! Now agents can quickly conduct credit checks, sign up tenants, finalise lease agreements and more.

Onboard new Tenants with the Lease Application Form

Effortlessly generate leases and automate renewals

Seamlessly manage supporting documents like proof of payment and inspection forms

Integrate with front-end marketing solutions

Tenants and Lease Managers able to apply legally binding Electronic Signatures throughout the workflow process

Hassle-Free Leasing and Renting

As a cloud-based solution, LeaseHub allows you to handle all aspects of the leasing and rental process online. It connects tenants and landlords, using intuitive functionality that drives transparency, efficiency and convenience throughout, significantly reducing the cost and time taken for tenant onboarding.

Transform Your Rental Leasing Process

LeaseHub provides your business with the tools to streamline time-consuming tasks and focus on innovation and growth.

Manage multiple companies and properties through a single interface

Replace outdated and tedious paper-based leasing systems

Minimise time wastage and make informed decisions using accurate analytics

Extensive Functionality for Leasing Professionals

Landlords, property managers and rental agents can use our leading LeaseHub software to revolutionise their day-to-day operations and empower a more flexible and productive way of working


Informative dashboards and reports provide insight into portfolios, buildings, units and agent performance.


Applicants can easily attach ID, payslips, work permits, passports, business documents and marriage certificates.

Built-In Electronic Signatures

Sign applications and leases with easy to use legally binding Electronic Signatures.

No Holdups

Structured workflows and communication between agents and applicants streamlines the document collection and lease closing process.


LeaseHub with its eSigning capability is certified and complies with all relevant acts and common law.


Pre-fill information for swift, easy, lease generations, manage site inspections and receive payments.


Enjoy smooth onboarding where tenants can apply online and get approved via built-in automated credit checks.


Owners and tenants can seamlessly communicate with one another for excellent user experiences including renewals.

Revolutionising Your Leasing and Rental Process is Just One Click Away