CreditorsHub – Streamlined Financials

Get the all-in-one tool designed to automate and optimise your accounts payable process for smarter, faster and more reliable results.

End-to-End Financial Functionality

Manage financial processes and documentation with an easy to use, efficient system that automates account payable-related processes. Replace paper-based systems, validate data and documents in your ERP, streamline approvals and more.  

All in One with CreditorsHub. It’s Really That Easy.

Reduce the error rate of supplier invoice processing and the risk of error payments.

Seamlessly integrate CreditorsHub with 3rd party ERP and accounting systems.

Fully audit approval and payment processes for peace of mind and transparency.

Achieve Financial Bliss

Using smart modules, CreditorsHub allows you to automate, manage and monitor Supplier Invoice Processing, Remittance and Reconciliation, Bank Batch Release Processing and Goods Received Note Receipting within your business.

Ensure Accounts Are Always on Track

Not only does CreditorsHub reduce manual processing times, but it also provides a full track record of actions per transaction to keep you in the loop and empower informed decisions.

Improve 3rd party external audit processes and monitor users to ensure consistency.

The document repository safely stores digital records during and after processing.

Extract financial information to replace paper-based systems and reduce bottlenecks.

Comprehensive Capabilities for Finance Professionals

Financial managers and directors can harness the power of CreditorsHub to improve the accounts payable process and access a host of capabilities that encourage productive and efficient teams.


Replace manually capturing information from documents before processing in your ERP.

Easy Imports

Convert paper-based documents and import electronic invoices, credit notes and statements with ease.

Bird’s Eye View

Facilitate approvals and query handling to reduce the bottlenecks paper-based processes create.


Integrates with most 3rd party accounting software systems such as X3, Pastel and Syspro.

Exception Handling

Customise rule sets for matching and approval processes to suit business requirements.

In-Depth Extraction

Automatically extract invoice and order numbers, invoice amounts and other key pieces of data.


Use a predetermined flexible set of rules to govern the next step that an accounts payable user can take.


Monitor, manage and facilitate approval and query-handling processes from anywhere.

CreditorsHub is One Message Away

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