PeopleHub – Digital HR Management

An unparalleled Human Resource Management Solution that facilitates the flow of documents and processes among users within a dedicated HR -compliant environment. It combines PaperTrail’s eForm, workflow and e-signing solutions to create a seamless way to digitally manage HR processes.

Digitization of HR/ HR acquisition processes

This solution transforms traditional HR and HR acquisition processes, empowering HR professionals to oversee the entire process without relying on paper-based systems. PeopleHub also authorises documents with extreme accuracy to ensure compliance with legal requirements. The Human Resources acquisition process is entirely customizable for both internal and external users.

HR process management and customization

This empowers users to oversee HR-related processes within the business and tailor them to align with their specific needs and the companies internal  operations. PaperTrail also supports clients by digitizing and automating the templates that they create.


1. Reduce the error rate of incorrect or invalid fines.

2. Onboarding – chain of command approval and signing of offer letter / contract and any additional forms.

3. Terminations – invitation to hearing, disciplinary hearing and termination.

4. Change in Statuses – promotions, demotions ,transfers and upskills

5. Employee initiated workflows.

a.Leave Form
b. Medical Aid forms
c. Adhoc form templates

Digitisation of employee information.

This allows users to store employee information digitally. This information is indexed to make it easy to find. Job profiles can also be created. They contain all employee information.

Access Control

Information and processes that include confidential information are kept private with the use of access control that ensures that only users with the appropriate permissions can access, view and edit them. Security is a top priority for us.

HR Document Management

Documents can move between users seamlessly across various devices. E-sign integrates beautifully with users within the system. Users also receive guided instructions for inputting information across these documents, as well as authorization for approval or signing.  .

When users are required to fill in documentation with repetitive fields, PeopleHub automatically fills in this information for convenience, and then requests the users to sign off approval.

Employee Portal

Intuitive User interface gives personnel acces to view and make changes to personal data as well as file for leave/request assets and third-party data. Educational courses, training and feedback portal.

Multiple System Integration

Fully integrates with your payroll for added convenience when paying employees. API, CSV import and DB lookup integration also allows for the pulling of data related to HR processes. PT uses RPA for complex cases.

Compliant Processes

PeopleHub’s processes meet legal requirements by ensuring employee information is secure and confidential.

Dashboards and reports

Get a comprehensive overview with powerful and informative dashboards. Reports provide transparency and the ability to make data-informed decisions.

Use Cases


Users can onboard new employees quickly and easily with the ability to manage, store and share the documents required in the process.


Users can manage leave, terminations and payroll and manage, store and share the documents required in the process.


Users can complete HR processes while meeting legal requirements because documentation is stored securely and is easy to find.


Users can complete HR documentation accurately which is required by the law.


Users can customize their processes to ensure that employees filling in documentation can do so more quickly and accurately through a variety of functions that they can add in the form designer. This improves data validity and stops inconsistencies in these documents.


Employment requests can be made within departments. Other members can then see this and follow the process to complete the request and get a candidate in. The candidate is then placed in the system and a step-by-step process is followed. Goes through the relevant people from HOD to CEO. Automations ensure that the different departments and team members will be made aware of what is required from them.

PeopleHub is One Message Away.