Pharmhub – ePrescription Management Solution

PharmHub is the internationally renowned automated prescription management and workflow tool for Pharmacy administration.

End-to-End Prescription Service

Specifically designed for communication between Pharmacy, Patient and Doctors- our software empowers users to optimize the time spent on paperwork and minimize admin costs. Automate prescription issuing, renewal and requests in no time, and without the hassle of phone calls, clarifications and revisits.

All in One with PharmHub. It’s Really That Easy.

Reduce the error rate of incorrect or invalid prescriptions.

Intuitive User Interface for prescription management.

Fully audit approval and payment processes for peace of mind and transparency.

Elevate your patient care, ePrescribe with precision

Pharmhub allows you to create, automate and monitor outgoing Prescriptions allocating them via the Doctor to the Pharmacy and notifying the patient. The doctor, Pharmacy and Patient view a intuitive user interface to track and approve. PharmHub eliminates human error, and forgotten medication while saving time and money.

Medical Aid Integration

Not only does PharmHub reduce manual processing times, but it also provides a full track record of actions per doctor patient and pharmacist to keep you in the loop and empower informed decisions.

Communicate with Medical Aid

Real Time Information/Pricing

Keep Patients within the Pharmacy Chain

The document repository safely stores digital records during and after processing.

Why not leave the work to pharmhub?

Our software does everything for you – application, approval, electronic signed prescription management. Keep your patients as return customers, with auto renewals. Save time and operational costs. Onboarding new patients has never even this easy.

Efficient Prescription Management

Streamline the prescription process, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency in managing medication orders for healthcare providers.

Real-time Prescription Processing

Enable instant electronic transmission of prescriptions, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of medication instructions to pharmacies for prompt dispensing.

Patient Engagement and Accessibility

Facilitate patient access to their electronic prescriptions, fostering engagement and empowering individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey.

Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate ePrescription software with electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare systems for a cohesive and comprehensive patient care experience.

Medication History

Provide healthcare professionals with easy access to patients’ medication history and support medication adherence by offering timely reminders and alerts.

Reduced Prescription Errors

Minimize the risk of errors associated with handwritten prescriptions through standardized, electronically generated prescriptions, contributing to enhanced patient safety.

Secure Communication and Compliance

Ensure secure communication between healthcare providers and pharmacies, adhering to regulatory standards and promoting compliance with healthcare data protection laws.

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

Provide insightful analytics and reporting features, offering healthcare administrators valuable data on prescribing patterns, medication adherence, and overall system performance.

PharmHub is One Message Away.

We are Excited to Assist you on your journey towards optimum healthcare solutions.