PaperTrail Dashboards and their Value-Add
PaperTrail Dashboards enables you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go. You can visualise and analyse data that focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organisation all through the PaperTrail dash boarding interface. This portal provides organisations with the easy ability to gain valuable insight for quick and accurate decision making.Visualisation at a glanceWhile businesses have many moving parts, it may seem daunting to consider the most effective way to store documentation and data. This is where PaperTrail comes in. The PaperTrail Dashboards are able to summarise various business events into easy-to-understand, real-time data visuals. PaperTrail Dashboards allows connections to different data sources, bringing you concise, clear and accurate data-capturing on one simple platform. We understand that data is a company’s most important asset, taking time, effort and energy to build up. We also understand that many organisations do not have a single central point for data collection and analysis. However, with PaperTrail, all this is available, and more. PaperTrail house two types of Dashboards:1. Analytical
    • Our analytical dashboard provides executives and senior management to establish direction from data collected over a period of time. Analytical dashboards provide the information for decision makers to understand the outcomes of events, why they have occurred and how to implement change for better results.
2. Operational
    • Our operational dashboard enables employees to monitor KPIs and other current performance metrics of a team to immediately see the impact of certain campaigns, as well as the ability to identify potential operational issues.
The purpose and benefits of our DashboardsData Transparency Capturing the data is only part of the process. Data serves no purpose if a company cannot understand, access and process it. Therefore, presenting the correct metrics information to the appropriate audience is critical for success. PaperTrail provides data transparency that is easily accessible. Access to Data Company data is spread amongst multiple systems. Once this data is captured, the information is then connected and gathered from these multiple data sources which is presented into the PaperTrail Dashboards interface. This reduces the time it takes to compile and combine multiple reports.  Our Dashboards provides insight into a company’s performance, while at the same time, bringsforth a more granular view into each department’s performance. This provides information that willencourage better and more informed decision making within the organisation. AccountabilityPaperTrail Dashboards provides many insights into the entire organisation. Company’s are able to see what is working and where the trouble areas are, helping to identify issues and improve processes. InteractivityPaperTrail’s dynamic Dashboarding allows users to filter data and interact with charts to see changes over a period of time, which enables users to see as little or as much data from a single interface. There are multiple benefits to the PaperTrail Dashboards, see how they can help your business.

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Automate business operations ensuring compliance and increase efficiency
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Easily manage permission structures allowing limited access to sensitive information
IOS and Android compatibility
Electronically sign and send documents
Signature compliance in terms of both ECT Act and POPI
Tight integration to MS Office and Outlook
Customised third party system integration

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