Papertrail is excited to announce being featured in the top startups’ list by the esteemed site startuptofollow.

Standing at the forefront of the digitization revolution in the Enterprise content management (ECM) sector, Papertrail provides the ideal solutions for any business looking to leapfrog their competitors and establish their business as an innovative leader in the marketplace.


Papertrail avoids rigid outcomes and shrink-wrapped solutions that force companies to adapt their winning business model to the constraints of their software. Rather, they encourage customers to make use of the full spectrum of their expertise and flexibility of PaperTrail to create an effective content management solution that drives performance. They automate business processes allowing companies to focus on growth while reaching and expanding KPIs.


Comprising of an enhanced user experience and powerful workflow engine to drive business processes, mobility, intuitive design, and collaborative and secure nature, it is fast becoming the fully- customizable solution of choice for companies worldwide.”

Papertrail Management commented:

“Our traction in the market has been due to building powerful simple solutions for complex problems, with the understanding that these solutions will be used and enjoyed by real human beings, in a highly competitive price sensitive environment.”

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