The Travel Industry Working Smarter through COVID19

Travel has been hit some seriously hard times due to COVID19. Our clients are consolidating to save costs. Streamlining business processes and other is what PaperTrail offers.

This program allows the user to work from anywhere, anytime and track the audit trail through the system.

Clients who were not on our prepayment module have opted to go paperless.

Most of our clients have opted for the consolidation of their various branches under one roof.

Customer Portal is the big buzz at the moment – this permits/allows Travel providers/agents to give their customers access to their customer invoice and supporting documents without delivering them – Free of COVID19.

Their clients can raise a query through the portal (talking to the Travel Agents finance team). PaperTrail is constantly updating and adapting to our client’s needs.
Now is the time to work smart join the PaperTrail family!

Written by: Chereen Dethian Fraser
Travel Specialist for PaperTrail