PaperTrail’s Key Focus

PaperTrail’s key focus is on ensuring that clients attain the best possible benefits from investing in PaperTrail. 

Our key professional services include…

  • Business Process Optimisation consulting (Senior Business Analysts)
  • Writing of various specifications forms
    • Structures Design, AS IS and TO BE Designed Specifications
    • Workflow Specifications
    • E-Form and Mobile specifications
    • Onsite and remote technical support services

Strategic Moves…

  • One of the benefits of owning the code was that it allowed PaperTrail to be placed strategically within any business and any and all departments. PT was able to bring multiple systems together allowing users to operate from a single point of entry and integrate with various back-end-systems by filling in the gaps that either were not available to business or allowed for a far more streamlined business processes across the organisation.
  • PaperTrail continues to provide 3 of the 4 major SA Banks with powerful solutions across multiple Business Units.
    Our relationship with the Banks and SARB spans a 20 year period of successful software deployments to meet a host of banking requirements.
    PaperTrail also offers customised solutions to private wealth companies such as Sanlam Private Wealth, PSG Consult and Peregrine.
  • From here PT then moved into corporate environments and also played a role in strategic departments and across multiple departments in various business sectors
    • PT is an agile solution that is designed as a ‘set of tools’ that mold to the way that your business operates rather then prescribing to your business to make changes to application functions. This has also ensured a unique set of skills being developed at Egis in order to assist clients in assessing their needs

Compliance focussed…

  • Developing PaperTrail (PT) meant keeping in line with both legislative and corporate compliance requirements at all times
  • PT is aligned with many international and local standards as well as adhering to open standards for international companies
  • We are aligned with the national credit regulators for good governance (beneficial in both financial and insurance industries) and KYC principles
  • ISO approved when implemented inline with these standards which means PT assists organisations in managing their ISO processes and reviews of policies and procedures

Written by: Roysten Isaac

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Easily manage permission structures allowing limited access to sensitive information
IOS and Android compatibility
Electronically sign and send documents
Signature compliance in terms of both ECT Act and POPI
Tight integration to MS Office and Outlook
Customised third party system integration

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