Improving Document and Data Processing between Systems

Through our sophisticated solution, PaperTrail provides a standalone electronic content management (ECM) system. This helps business-critical processes through the easy of online collaboration, flexibility and agility within the supply chain. This ensures cost and service benefits for our clients.

How does it work?

PaperTrail is a system carefully designed to allow for integrated workflow of data and documents between multiple systems, including ERP, Transporter, Planning, Procurement and Bespoke Systems.

Our system is built to allow easy flow of information and documents across various internal departments and external organisations, making it easy to collaborate with suppliers and/or vendors.

With PaperTrail, users have central access and control to documentation, and can seamlessly report on the status of transactions or the transfer of data within a single portal. This  provides a more accurate reporting in a shorter space of time.

Why is PaperTrail beneficial?

PaperTrail is designed to conveniently streamline business processes. With our system in place, organisations have the ability to avoid recapturing of metadata and documentation that already exists on other systems, thereby reducing the time and cost spent on validating the transaction data and physical documentation.

The processes and costs to process documents and data are therefore kept to a minimum, as a result of the electronic delivery, receipt and storage of all documentation and data within a simple, online service.

PaperTrail provides third-party integration, allowing for easy data validations and process checkpoints to be collected. This type of workflow allows for all parties to have access to documentation as and when needed, without having to export, upload or manually capture data on a third-party system.

It’s seamless, it’s simple, it’s PaperTrail.